Q&A - Special Works


What are the main strengths of Special Works?

Special Works provides comprehensive services and a variety of benefits to its clients, including:

  • access to equipment selection of job offers in various industries
  • social rewards and guarantees
  • professional and support of the Special Works agency staff at every stage of employment and stay in Poland.

How does the Special Works offer help in finding a job in Poland?

The Special Works Agency provides support for foreign support at every stage of employment in Poland, through activities such as:

  • assistance in obtaining permits for legal employment;
  • looking for a job by the employee's qualifications and requirements;
  • preparation of documents and documents;
  • consultation and support at every stage of your stay in Poland, including insurance and sanctions issues.

What makes Special Works the best choice for foreigners looking for a job in Poland?

Special Works provides comprehensive support throughout the recruitment and employment process, including assistance in accommodation and transportation. Additionally, they offer individualized attention to each client and prioritize safety in the workplace.

What countries do people working with Special Works come from?

Special Works employs people from different countries. We recruit, among others people from Ukraine, Moldova, Belarus, Georgia, and other countries. We are always open to anyone who wants to work with us.