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Our company has a recruitment network that enables us to hire 1000 new employees every year

Reduce recruitment costs by 30% with our help

At Special Works, we specialize in the recruitment and primarily employ personnel from Ukraine. However, we also recruit citizens from other countries such as Moldova, Georgia, Belarus, and Armenia to provide the best service to our clients. If you need additional hands to work and want to save time - contact us.

  • Our agency maintains a database of verified and experienced candidates.
  • To provide the best service possible, we prepare a profile of the candidate's required qualifications, competencies, and experience.
  • We sort through submitted applications based on the demand for specialists, professionals, and other data to quickly respond to market needs.
  • We conduct a telephone interview to get to know the candidate's professional experience and conduct an initial selection based on their professional qualifications and personal predispositions.
  • Once the candidate arrives in Poland, we conduct an assessment interview and finalize their verification.
  • Our coordinator works closely with both the client and the employee to ensure constant communication and collaboration.

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    Recruitment of warehousemen and logistic employees

    Industrial production

    Recruitment of warehousemen and logistic employees

    Logistics and warehouse

    Recruitment of employees for the food industry

    Food industry

    Recruitment of workers for the textile industry

    Textile industry

    How it's working?

    • Commissioning the service to SPECIAL WORKS, which will recruit and select candidates to provide the best outsourcing service for the client.
    • SPECIAL WORKS selects and recruits people with appropriate qualifications and competencies to properly perform the outsourcing service.
    • Verified candidates ready to start performing the outsourcing service are sent to the ordering company/Client to properly perform the ordered service.
    Rekrutacja pracowników z Ukrainy

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