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Employment of foreigners

If you want to increase your competitiveness and solve staffing problems hiring employees from Ukraine

Hire employees from Ukraine

At Special Works, we specialize in hiring employees mainly from Ukraine, but we also recruit citizens from other countries such as Moldova, Georgia, Belarus, Russia, and Armenia to provide the best service to our clients. If you need extra hands for work and want to save time - reach out to us.

  • Our agency has a database of verified and experienced candidates.
  • To provide the best service possible, we create a profile of the candidate's required qualifications, competencies, and experience.
  • We sort the submitted applications according to the demand for specialists, professionals, and other data to quickly respond to market needs.
  • We conduct a telephone initial interview to get to know the candidate's professional experience and make an initial selection based on their qualifications and personal predispositions.
  • Upon arrival in Poland, an assessment interview and final verification of the applicant.
  • Our coordinator is in constant contact with both the client and the employee to ensure a smooth process.

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    Recruitment of warehousemen and logistic employees

    Industrial production

    Recruitment of warehousemen and logistic employees

    Logistics and warehouse

    Recruitment of employees for the food industry

    Food industry

    Recruitment of workers for the textile industry

    Textile industry

    What are the advantages of employing foreigners?

    • A recent survey showed that 64% of Ukrainian employees working abroad plan to continue doing so, with 82% indicating they plan to stay put this year.
    • Among Ukrainian work migrants, nearly 60% plan to work in Poland.
    • Ukraińcy to grupa bliska nam zarówno kulturowo jak i językowo.
    • Given the cultural and linguistic similarities between Ukraine and Poland, it's not surprising that only 1% of Ukrainian citizens working in Poland have communication issues. This creates a promising environment for successful and long-term cooperation.

    If you have any questions about our services, please don't hesitate to contact our office for advice on the best solutions for your industry.

    Rekrutacja pracowników z Ukrainy

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